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      上海超静减振器有限公司成立于2001年,位于上海市青浦区大观园风景区北首|毗邻"中国第一水乡"周庄,是全国专业生产各种减振降噪 产品的主要企业之一,产品设计、测试、企业管理网络化。企业生产、测试设备先进,并已通过IS09001国际质量体系认证。

      上海超静减振器有限公司主要系列产品有:阻尼弹簧减振器,可曲挠橡胶软接头,橡胶减振器,减振垫,各种金属补偿器,金属软管以及 各类振动设备减振台座等。


      The company was founded in 2001, located in Qingpu District, Shanghai Grand View Garden Scenic first North, adjacent to the "China’s first water" Zhouzhuang, is the professional production of a variety of vibration and noise reduction, one of the major products, product design, testing corpo at network management, eduction, testing, advanced equipment, and has passed IS09001 international quality system certification. 
      Our main products are: damping spring shock absorber, flexible soft rubber joints. rubber shock absorber. damping pad, metal compensator, metal hose and various types of vibration damping device pedestal and so on. 
      Our products are sold throughout the country, some exported abroad, praised by customers!